Moving to Spain in 2007

So for those that know me, you’ll know I live in Spain and work over the border in Gibraltar.

I took the decision to move out here back in 2007 when a relationship I was in took a bit of a nose dive. Although attempts were made to salvage the relationship, it just wasn’t going to work out.  I decided to do something crazy and just jump on a plane and move out to Spain, by myself, without knowing anyone here and without even knowing the area.  I had been here just twice before for short holidays.

People think I’m crazy and/or brave for having made such a bold move. It was just more exciting than anything else at the time.  “You moved out here by yourself!?”  Yeah.. and?  Well if anyone knows me, once I get a project on the go, I go and do it and I don’t care what it takes.  Whether that be moving out to Spain or cycling all the way home again. I don’t rely on anyone for anything and quite happy to undertake these mammoth challenges by myself.  – In fact I feel more confident without relying on other people. Because, well, other people can really let you down!

When I was 18, I kinda really messed things up. I got tangled up in a few things and never went to University.  It’s not so much the qualifications I miss, it was the social side I miss.  So I guess this move out was a way to make up for that. Oh boy I did. I met some great friends and went wild for the first year or two.  In a new area you can forget who you are for a while and be whoever you want. No one knows any history of you, and what you are or aren’t capable of, so you can stick on a mask and be whatever you want. Which is awesome for a while!

Moving out here was the best thing I ever did, and although I sometimes get strong desires to go home, even if I did return to the UK. I will still put this project down as a huge success.  7 years I’m still here and I am way better for it.

Before I left I got a new camera and made some horrendously cringe worthy videos of the very early days.  They’re on youtube anyway so might as well link them here:

Goodbyes from everyone:

[niceyoutubelite id=”Nq_Xe3J6p3s”]


Just Landed (first couple of days)

[niceyoutubelite id=”uLZHRmrgAkE”]


Where I settled in Estepona (before moving further down the coast to a shit hole called La Linea.)

[niceyoutubelite id=”FE68m3HU7ow”]


And finally, talking about me going wild on the first couple of years. Here’s a video from 2008 of me managing to down an entire pint of lager in one go.  Criiinge and I’ve got sensible now in my old age. Some really fun times with some great friends. It’s just a shame none of these guys are around any more.

[niceyoutubelite id =”Jxh1LOTEw5A”]



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