Longest bike ride I have ever done!

In 2010 I decided to cycle from where I live now (Gibraltar) back to where I used to live (Yorkshire, UK).  Some 1600 miles across Spain and France that took 3 weeks.  Done completely solo.  It was all done in aid of Gibraltar Cancer Relief and the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

Why did I do it?  Well I was bored of staring at computers all day in the office, had been tremendously inspired by Mark Beaumont in his cycling documentaries and had just taken up the sport. So thought why not!  Why the cancer charities? Well my mum got given a full bill of health that very year after suffering cancer herself and coming through it completely in tact. So its thanks to the tireless efforts of these groups that she is still around and was there to see me cross the finish line. So I’m eternally greatful.

The Gibraltar to Yorkshire story as told by the media is here:


[niceyoutubelite id=”J8pJg-VShMY”]


The full website with the day to day blog, more pictures etc is at http://www.gibraltartoyorkshire.co.uk


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