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You found us! We're formed by a writer/director of community shows and founder of a local amateur dramatics society, so we know how stretched budgets can be. It's why we launched - to provide quality pantos and play scripts at low cost. You'll also get lots of ongoing support but the flexibility to put your own stamp on the shows. We also pride ourselves on scripts with a difference - unique, tried and tested, with the tradition your audience expected but something a bit different that they didn't! Have an explore through the links to the left and we hope to help you put on a show to remember!


1. Ali-Baba, the Magic Lamp and the 40(ish) Thieves 2. Cinderella & the Chocolate Beanstalk 3. Wizard of Oz: Journey to the Rainbow’s End 4. Snow White & the Seven Oompa Loompas 5. Bespoke scripts 6. What will I get? 7. How much does it cost?

Ali-Baba, the Magic Lamp and the 40(ish) Thieves

Cinderella & the Chocolate Beanstalk

Wizard of Oz: Journey to the Rainbow’s End

Snow White & the Seven Oompa Loompas
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Bespoke Scripts


About Me

Jonathan Fitzgerald has been a creative writer since the age of nine, when he was bored so his Granny challenged him to write a poem. Expecting this to be a dull pursuit and not understanding why Granny hadn’t offered him some lego or sweets instead, Jonathan wrote a poem – and realised it was actually quite good. Though still not as good as lego.

Thirteen years and multiple publications of verse and short stories later, Jonathan turned his hand to stage scripts, ultimately writing and directing community pantomime and comedy stage shows. He also co-directed and starred in a week-long performance of A Sound of Music, because that’s a rite of passage everyone in the business should go through. Except he enjoyed it.

Jonathan formed his own Amateur Dramatics group which ran for several years, thriving on his adamant pledge to always write something unique, rather than something that audiences had seen time and time again. He knows that, especially with a panto, people want the traditional stuff too, but with Jonathan, he always adds a twist or two or ten, so the audience go home satisfied but surprised and treated, too.

Soon, he went from entertaining children to breeding them. Despite raising a family, he still found time to write other short plays for adults and short skits for children which have been performed at local primary schools.

Now, for the first time, he’s opening up selected scripts from his collection for others to perform.

Whether you’re an amateur dramatics society, a group of students, a school or something else, you’ll find something in this collect to delight you and your audiences of any size.

But Jonathan’s Granny gets none of the commission.

To email Jonathan Fitzgerald directly with any enquiries, click here. .


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