Are spirit boxes any good?

In the paranormal communities there is quite a lot of debate surrounding the use of a spirit box to communicate with spiritual entities.  However having seen some episodes of Ghost Adventures and other online sources, there appeared to have been some fantastic results from them, so we decided to give one a go.

What is a Spirit Box I hear you ask? Well its not a magical device that breaks barriers and communicates with the other side.  It is simply an FM/AM radio which sits and sweeps through the radio bands at a fast speed.  Most spirit boxes are simply modified hand held radios designed not to lock onto a signal and just keep scanning. This gives you white noise and tiny snippets of sounds from broadcasting stations. The idea is, is that spirits are able to manipulate these sounds in order to send messages which can be heard in realtime.

So we gave it a go, and you can decide yourself from the below audio what you think.


For newcomers and those unaccustomed to hearing a spirit box in action, you’ll probably be thinking a great big WTF? here!  That is not surprising.  This is not the best example of a spirit box working. But there appeared to be certain intelligent communication going on here, and it takes piecing a whole story together to get the idea.

The recording was taken on the side of Line Wall Road in Gibraltar one evening.  Gibraltar was a big site of World War 2 being the entrance to the Mediterranean sea.  The wife, who claims to be spiritually sensitive dreamt of a location in Gibraltar that she had no previous recollection of.   She dreamt of a Soldier being there.  We were driving down the road and suddenly the audio volume on the car stereo started slowly turning itself up. This has only ever happened once before, many months ago, coming in to La Linea on the A-383 driving past an area where a reef and flowers had been laid. I can only suspect someone had died on that road in that spot.   We parked the car up and walked back to the location the radio did its anomaly.  Just off the road is a wall overlooking Queensway, and to the wifes surprise she recognised this location from her dream.

So we fired up the EVP and the Spirit box.  The conversation goes like:

“Whats your name?”   “Devon”

“Say it again?…… Say your name for me…. Was it Devon or Derek?”  …”Devon”

“Are you a soldier?”    .. “(Possible Yes)”

“And how did you die?”    “Bombs”

“From the sea?…. Bombs from the sea?….  Devon?”    – No response.

“Devon talk to me!”   “(Possible I’m Trying)”

“I saw you in my dreams didn’t i?”    “Allegedly”


These were all pretty good intelligent responses.  Was the mrs actually talking to an entity that we were drawn to via a dream and some strange car radio anomaly as we passed?  Or are we simply connecting a random string of dots to get to what we want to get to? Which of course is proof of the paranormal.

The problem with the spirit box is that what you hear is open to interpretation.  We are expecting to hear a voice, a word, and as such our brains can assemble the sounds to something we can understand.  The words are being produced in our brains.  Watch any EVP recording with subtitles and suddenly the voice is clear because we are expecting to hear it.  Now listen to the audio recording again above with the transcript here and you’ll suddenly hear the “ghost” speaking back to us.

The other problem with the Spirit Box of course is that the sound that you are hearing isn’t coming from the other side. It’s coming from a radio tower that is broadcasting. There is nothing paranormal about it.  The radio sweeping between the stations is simply making oo eee aahh ssshhh uuuu noises pretty quickly taking just snipped of speech, so its entirely possible to build a semi-legible word from it.

So I’m really not fully convinced.  It would have to be a remarkable spirit box session to draw my attention to it.  The one we did the other night isn’t remarkable enough for me, despite potential intelligent responses.

Assuming the authenticity  of Ghost Adventures, check out this:

[niceyoutubelite id=”Z5VoPvDd8cY”]

Personally though, I prefer a good old fashioned EVP. Record the silence, play it back.  That way the voices you are hearing may not have been broadcast from a radio tower.

The important thing with any paranormal investigation is to spend more time debunking it, as proving it.


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